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Mike's Belay Glasses - Only $29.95

Mike's Belay Glasses are a no hassle way of equipping oneself with the latest in Littrow prism technology to ease the belayer's lot in life. Basically, one looks forward to gaze upward saving on neck strain. 
 1. They allow the belayer to comfortably assume a closer position to the base of climbs which allows a safer belay. 

 2. They allow the belayer to more fully concentrate their attention to the task  at hand, especially on long, protracted sessions. 
3. They accomplish this at roughly a 1/4 of the cost of the other product on the market, putting this easier into the average climbers budget. 

4. One of the advantages of prism ware is that they don't invert the image of the climber the way a mirror would and that they slightly magnify what one sees.
5. All belay glasses currently manufactured use a 60 degree (not 90) deviation.  90 degrees would have a great deal of the field of vision obscured by ones face and hair.

As Seen in 'Rock and Ice' Magazine:

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To Order Online Click On the Link Above

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Yes, they do take some getting used to insofar as the belayers ground level field of vision, the fact that the image one sees appears as a low angle slab, and that they are heavier than a pair of sunglasses.However, most climbers quickly learn to feel more then comfortable using and overwhelmingly swear by them.  

 They come with a carrying case and are deliverable within ten days.  

Please note:  

1. Upon receipt, ensure that the prisms are firmly seated in their frames and not loose in any way.  

2. Always use the eyeglass keeper cords; belay glasses are somewhat top heavy- and easily dropable- please don't.  

3. Do not gaze into the sun with the glasses, if you intend to get any benefit from their use, position yourself.  

4. If inexperienced in using belay glasses start using them on flat terrain before graduating to uneven, unstable, or ground with gaps or drop-offs between you and the wall. 

5. Limbs and ropes will not be where they "appear" to be in your visual field; the proprioceptive skills come quickly though.

6. The principal advantage to their usage is the ability to snug up close to the wall for a safer belay- do so, when you can. 

7. Usually (not always) you'll find it easier to belay the first bolt or so without wearing the glasses so as to allow the greatest viewing range while the visual angle isn't so acute. 

8. Be aware of how much rope is pooling out in front of you when belaying.

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ROCK CLIMBING IS A VERY DANGEROUS SPORT THAT CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH, NOT ONLY FOR YOU, BUT FOR OTHERS, AS WELL, REGARDLESS OF THE EXTENT OF THE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS APPLIED! You must understand and accept this before engaging in rock climbing activities of any kind. You are solely responsible for your own actions, and before using Belay Glasses, agree to have read and understood all instructions and warnings related to the product. You are also responsible for practicing with the product and understanding its functions and risks prior to use. In addition, the belayer must always have their hand on the brake side of the rope at all times and be responsible for catching the climber if they fall. We suggest getting professional guidance in all aspects of climbing. There are no warranties, whether expressed or implied, that the Belay Glass sold or distributed by, from, or through or or has absolutely accurate image or that the information contained within websites is, in any way, reliable or complete. There are no warranties of fitness for a particular purpose or that the Belay Glass or other material offered is merchantable. Use of Belay Glass or information made available through or or indicates that you the user of this Belay Glass and information assumes any and all risks taken and acknowledges you the user’s sole responsibility (meaning yours alone!) for ANY and ALL outcomes.

11.  15 Day Money Back Guarantee
If for some reason you are not satisfied, please contact us within 15 days from ordering the glasses for a return. If they don't work for you, just send them back in good condition and we will refund the purchase price minus shipping. 

Best Regards

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Mike's Belay Glasses

Wearing these glasses the belayer can see straight up while looking forward. They take little time to get used to and soon become indispensable. 

Product Description:

The belay glasses are an innovative new way to use prisms. Upon putting these glasses on the Belayer can see straight up while looking straight ahead. The high quality glass is not only very durable and clear but it actually magnifies as well. Mike’s Belay Glasses allow you to belay your climbing partner without straining your neck. 

Product History:

On a past trip to Maple Canyon in Utah, Mike saw a very unusual sight. A couple was  belaying each other while wearing some very startling eye wear. Upon querying them, it turns out that they were using a set of prismatic glasses to allow for their comfort and the ability to belay right up at the base of the cliff. When he asked how they found them, they replied that aside from the cost, they fell in love with them. Querying other climbers at cliffs in the Western states, the general consensus was: that most had heard of them from the media, liked the idea, but found them way too expensive for consideration. He reasoned then and there, that on his return home, he would find some way to bring prismatic belay glasses to the average climber and this is the result.

Contact Info:

Price and Shipping:
Mike’s Belay Glasses: $29.95

Shipping (not included in product price):

United States Orders: $8.95 (USPS)
International Orders: FedEx Only, $25 and up.
                                          (Depends on the Country)

Hello Mike,
I've been waiting for affordable glasses (I'm just a simple student), and I have to say that basically they are as good as the other more expensive product out there. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this to us common folk. You can certainly use my name for your testimonials if you need. Right on!
Greg Naomi (Medford, OR)
Dear Mike:
We received your belay prism glasses 'bout two months ago now and I have to say how wonderful they've made the chore of belaying so much more enjoyable. Everyone at the cliff wants to try them on- this is the only bad thing about them- and when I tell them how inexpensive they are hey, "gangbusters"!
Took me a few days at first to get used to belaying with them on for the first bolt or two, but now, I don't have any problems at all.
Howard Davidovich (Redondo Beach, Calif.)

Dear Sir,
Our small climbing club here in Mysore is very thankful for your product. We've ordered 5 and as word got around more will surely want some. Please accept our appreciation for your product.
Sridar Kshirsagar
Hi Mike,
I can't thank you enough for your  glasses. I was really getting tired of my wife Barbara getting dragged into the wall when I'd take even small whippers, we both got into the bad habit of belaying out from the base of the cliff to ease neck strain, the result was unnecessarily long falls. The last time she did this I cratered into the ground from 20' up and "fortunately" only sprained my ankle. Now, we can belay from right up at the base, and when I fall now Barbara doesn't get towed anywhere but up. You saved my keister here, brother, and we both want to thank you!
Mark Oltsman
Indio, California

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